Monkey Island creators take to Kickstarter to fund oldschool point and click adventure

Gare – Wednesday, November 19, 2014 5:02 PM
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Ron Gilbert most likely requires no introduction for fans of oldschool of adventure, as he was the gentleman responsible for – among others – Maniac Mansion and the original two Monkey Island games: point and click darlings and childhood-shapers to many. And now he’s back with Maniac Mansion co-designer Gary Winnick in order to revive that classic 80s magic via, you guessed it, Kickstarter. Their new game, titled Thimbleweed Park, aims to be a point and click adventure game the way they used to make them back in the day, with no extra fluff – so expect challenging puzzles, plenty of humor and embarrassingly – but at the same time, lovingly – large pixels. The story deals with two detectives who are called in to investigate a dead body, and a mystery involving five playable characters soon unfolds – the Kickstarter campaign also makes mention of multiple endings, hundreds of locations and both a hard and an easy difficulty mode for less experienced adventure gamers. In other words: even if you’re not exactly a veteran pixel hunter, there is hardly any reason to be intimidated.

Thimbleweed Park is planned for a mid-2016 release at the moment and will be launching on Windows/Mac/Linux, as you would no doubt expect from a project like this.

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