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Tormentor – Wednesday, December 12, 2012 4:33 PM
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The year is 2034

Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside – and within.

Mutants stalk the catacombs beneath the desolate surface, and hunt amidst the poisoned skies above. But rather than stand united, the station-cities of the Metro are locked in a struggle for the ultimate power, a doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. A civil war is stirring that could wipe humanity from the face of the earth forever.

As Artyom, burdened by guilt but driven by hope, you hold the key to our survival — the last light in our darkest hour…

Before next year’s release of the highly-anticipated atmospheric first-person shooter Metro: Last Light, THQ is inviting players to delve into the first game of the franchise, the critically acclaimed cult-classic Metro 2033.

The Metro: 2033 game is now available for download, until 16th of December for free!

Metro: Last Light – “Genesis” – Gameplay Trailer

Through the millennia, civilizations rose and fell, each re-telling their own story of the world’s creation. Now, beneath the ruins of Moscow, the last civilization of man has its own story to tell…

Metro: Last Light – Survivors

They fled to the refuge of the Metro and escaped Armageddon. Now beneath the toxic wastelands, these lucky few adapt to survive in this new and inhospitable world, an unrelenting purgatory.

The Commander

His life charts the downfall of a career soldier in charge of marshaling the terrified populace into the safety of the Metro system, to an outcast living on the periphery of the subterranean society, contributing nothing and living by his wits.

“In my glorious past, I led armies and commanded respect. Now, the same men call me dog, traitor, murderer…”

The Model

From a career carved out as a spoiled model and socialite (increasingly the latter), she was plunged into a world of darkness, where celebrity means less than nothing. In order to survive she started out selling her body, but now she makes armor for rangers, a proud and fiercely independent woman.

“I was a rich & beautiful girl, showered in diamonds. The diamonds mean nothing in the Metro; my body is all that keeps me alive…”

The Preacher

Before the blast, he was a well-known feature of the Moscow streets preaching at the top of his voice at all hours of the day, but now, after a period of soul-searching, he has become a beacon of hope and spiritual advisor to the hopeless denizens of the Metro.

“They mocked and ignored me, said I was mad. Now in this purgatory, my enlightened words are their only truth…”

The next sequel of Metro will be released in 2013Q1 for PC, PS3 and XBox 360.

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