Metal-detecting narrative adventure game The Magnificent Trufflepigs launches June 3

Gare – Monday, May 31, 2021 5:19 PM
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So, how about a spot of metal-detecting, eh? Okay, so maybe that doesn’t sound as inviting as it did in my head, but nonetheless, The Magnificent Trufflepigs, a game that involves using a metal detector to find things, is going to be out on June 3. According to the basic premise of the story, you travel to a calm and quiet village in the English countryside in order to help a woman named Beth find a lost earring that probably lies buried somewhere beneath a local farm. Here’s where the narrative kicks in: while you’re busy digging up old bits and bobs, you’ll find out more and more about Beth and her backstory, build your relationship with her, and even uncover some mysteries along the way… while also enjoying the relaxing scenery, of course.

Starring Arthur Darvill as Adam and Luci Fish as Beth, The Magnificent Trufflepigs is the latest project from the lead designer of 2015 adventure game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Here’s a trailer to get you in the mood:

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