Mega Man-esque action-platformer 30XX will launch via Early Access in February

Gare – Monday, January 18, 2021 1:57 PM
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Batterystaple Games’ futuristic, Mega Man-esque action game, 30XX, will be making its Steam Early Access debut on February 17, the company recently announced. A follow-up to 2017’s 20XX, the project mixes tight, fast-paced action-platforming with the unique characteristics of roguelikes for added replayability – what’s more, it will also support a co-op mode for those wanting to experience the adventure with a friend, as well as a so-called Mega Mode for players looking for a more traditional experience with static levels, saves and no permadeath. The game will launch via Early Access with six level themes available and will come packaged with a level editor as well, allowing players to build and share their own creations with fellow fans.

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