Meet monster girls and build an underground camp in survival game Return from Core, now on Kickstarter

Gare – Monday, September 18, 2023 2:51 PM
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Developer Tanxun Studio and publisher 2P Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Return from Core, a survival game taking you deep into the depths of the earth. The game is set in a world where civilization has been destroyed by a large-scale catastrophe, forcing people to seek shelter underground. This is where you come in – armed with a pickaxe, a lantern and plenty of determination, you’ll have to map out your underground home, meet colorful characters (cute monster girls, mostly) and build a life in the darkness of the earth… while making sure not to fall victim to the dangers that lurk in the depths. The Kickstarter campaign is currently seeking 1,500,000 yen – roughly 10,000 USD – as its initial goal, with several stretch goals already planned, including additional decorations, more equipment, more characters to interact with, English voice acting for all the monster girls and even a potential Nintendo Switch port. Have a look at the Kickstarter announcement trailer below:

Return from Core is scheduled to launch later this year via Steam Early Access. There’s also a demo currently available on Steam.

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