Mass Effect: Andromeda free trial now available to everyone on PC/PS4/Xbox One

Gare – Monday, July 17, 2017 4:34 PM
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In case you haven’t checked out Mass Effect: Andromeda just yet, you’re able to do so now, completely free of charge. BioWare’s latest entry in the popular sci-fi action-RPG series was met with plenty of criticism upon release, but the team has since been at work to try and improve the experience with post-launch patches, meaning this might be the best time to give the game another shot if you’ve been on the fence. The 10-hour trial, previously only available to subscribers of EA Access, has now opened its gates to all would-be spacefarers, and will be available until November 1, 2017. You can grab the trial on PC (Origin), PS4, or Xbox One, and your progress will also carry over to the full game, should you choose to purchase it.

Our opinion of the game was mixed at best back when we tried it – you can check out our review over here.

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