Mafia 1 mod adds multiplayer

Gare – Tuesday, August 11, 2015 10:18 PM
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So while we’re all waiting for the recently announced Mafia 3 to be released, why not have a bit of fun with an oldie? Certainly, one could easily replay the original Mafia and its sequel – in fact, many of you are probably doing it right now. I know you are, don’t lie. But how about playing the original Mafia with friends? Indeed, that’s possible now, thanks to a multiplayer mod that lets you party like it’s the 1930s. Supporting up to a hundred players at the same time, the mod allows you to run around the city of Lost Heaven with your friends, causing all sorts of silly havoc. While it doesn’t allow for the main story to be played through in co-op, I’d say this is still a fairly cool achievement, all things considered.

Everything you’ll need in order to set the client up can be found on the project’s official site, right here.

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