Lovecraftian tactical RPG Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace gets a new gameplay trailer

Gare – Thursday, February 4, 2021 7:31 PM
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Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace, a tactical RPG based on the popular Arkham Horror board game franchise, has a new trailer out to get you all familiar with the nitty-gritties of its gameplay. Developed and published by Asmodee Digital, Mother’s Embrace begins in 1926 when a professor of astronomy is murdered under mysterious circumstances – needless to say, it’s up to you to choose from a roster of 12 investigators, each with unique skills, and figure out exactly what’s been going on behind the scenes. The game features a total of nine story chapters, tactical, turn-based combat, and an original story that will take players to a variety of iconic locations from H.P. Lovecraft’s haunting universe as they attempt to untangle the ongoing mystery.

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace is set to launch in Q1 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.


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