Lovecraftian squad-based tactical game Stirring Abyss announced

Gare – Friday, May 29, 2020 9:52 PM
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Developer Sleepy Sentry has announced Stirring Abyss, a squad-based tactical game with elements of cosmic horror. Inspired by H.P. Lovercraft’s short story The Temple, Stirring Abyss takes place during the early years of the Cold War and follows an unlucky submarine crew that ends up getting stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Surrounded by the ruins of an ancient civilization and haunted by disturbing visions, your crew must find a way to repair the submarine, rescue their missing comrades, and get back to the surface with their sanities intact – easier said than done, all things considered. Interestingly enough, you’ll have a chance to embrace the eldritch horrors that lurk beneath the surface, as your crew can be subjected to a variety of mutations that help them in their survival. Aside from its standard Story Mode, the game will also feature a roguelike-ish Endless Mode with never-ending swarms of vicious foes that get increasingly tougher as you progress further.

Stirring Abyss will be available on PC, though it doesn’t currently have a fixed release date.


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