Lovecraftian sci-fi horror Moons of Madness gets 12 minutes of gameplay footage

Gare – Friday, July 12, 2019 2:39 PM
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Publisher Funcom has released a new trailer showing off over 12 minutes of gameplay footage from Moons of Madness, Rock Pocket Games’ upcoming Lovecraftian sci-fi horror adventure. Taking place in the same universe as Secret World Legends, Funcom’s Lovecraftian MMORPG, Moons of Madness has you take on the role Shane Newehart, a technician stationed at the Mars base Invictus – however, what initially seems like a routine job quickly devolves into madness as the facility begins to fall apart and Shane himself starts experiencing unsettling visions and hallucinations.

Moons of Madness will be launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One during the Halloween season of 2019.

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