Lovecraftian roguelite Madshot will be launching via Early Access this June

Gare – Monday, May 16, 2022 1:46 PM
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Madshot,the acrobatic, lightning-fast rougelite shooter from developer Overflow and publisher HOOK, will be debuting on Early Access come June 9, came a recent announcement. When our protagonist, in his search for eternal life, inadvertently invites unspeakable cosmic horrors to invade the world… it doesn’t quite end well. The mighty Cthulhu himself ends up swallowing your city whole, unleashing terror and mayhem – but also giving you the opportunity to stop him from within. Featuring procedurally generated levels and a stylish, comic-book like aesthetic, Madshot invites you to dive into the rabbit hole of madness, utilizing countless different weapons and upgrades to take down dozens of eldtrich abominations and towering, horrific bosses. Here’s a trailer:

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