Lovecraftian action-platformer The Last Case of Benedict Fox gets a gameplay trailer and a release date

Gare – Friday, February 10, 2023 3:16 PM
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Lovecraftian action-platformer The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be arriving on PC and Xbox Series X/S on April 27, developer Plot Twist and publisher Rogue Games have announced. Starring Benedict Fox, a self-proclaimed detective, the game will invite you on a truly otherworldly journey into the realm of Limbo in order to solve a tragic family mystery… while also dealing with the demon that possesses your soul. All in a day’s work, huh? Benedict’s connection with the demon, however, comes with an intriguing boon: he’s able to venture into the minds of deceased people – the aforementioned Limbo –, allowing him to collect important clues that may otherwise be inaccessible to the average person. Watch the gameplay trailer below to see what awaits him while exploring the minds of the dead:

There’s also currently a Steam demo up for the game, which is available until February 13 as part of Steam Next Fest.

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