Let your audience decide your fate in Book of Demons’ free DLC Dungeons & Streamers

Gare – Thursday, November 29, 2018 1:58 PM
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Book of Demons, the hack & slash/deckbuilder hybrid, has just received a free DLC pack called Dungeons & Streamers that adds Twitch and Mixer integration to the game, allowing stream audiences to directly influence the flow of the adventure by typing various commands into the chat. These commands have a chance to translate into both positive and negative effects (healing, spawning random monsters, etc.), which may either help or hinder the streamer in question.

Book of Demons is technically a hack & slash title, but it doesn’t exactly work like you’d expect it to: characters move on linear grids in procedurally generated dungeons and draw magic cards instead of weapons to slay their foes, making deckbuilding a key factor to success. The game initially launched in July of 2016 and is still in Early Access at the time of writing – the full release is being planned for December 13th.


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