Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Dungeons & no Dragons

Gare – Friday, January 24, 2014 9:55 PM
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How would Skyrim feel without dragons? Or The Witcher 2 without its monster slayers? Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an upcoming realistic, strictly medieval sandbox RPG wants to answer that very question next year, offering an authentic 15th century experience without the inclusion of any of the popular fantasy elements we might expect from roleplaying games these days.

We’re in Europe, in the year 1403, embroidered in political intrigue surrounding a kidnapped monarch very much in need of assistance, the developers tell us. Our character will be able to journey through vast and open European landscapes – brought to life with CryEngine – as he puts his sword arm, bravery and wits to the test – the team at Warhorse aims to create a unique, medieval experience that combines the rich storytelling aspects and varied dialogues of The Witcher 2, the openness of Skyrim’s world and the challenging, hard-to-master combat system of Dark Souls in one epic roleplaying package ready to sweep RPG fans off their feet. We can, of course, expect many of the RPG basics to make an appearance: various skills and professions – alchemy, cooking, smithing –, an upgradable hero, and so on. Side quests will similarly be present: Warhorse, however, very much wishes to say no to tired old clichés and instead design tasks that actually make their players do more than clear a cellar of rats or deliver a message from A to B – complex situations with multiple possible solutions and branching dialogue.

The game will be released in three episodes, the first of which will offer roughly 30 hours of gameplay and 9 square kilometers of diverse terrain with castles, villages, forests and myriads of little secrets. The other two chapters – the second of which will be released 8 months after the first – will expand upon this, delivering a bigger world and more content, with the final release of all three acts fattening the game up to over 70+ hours of medieval adventuring. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected to be released near the end of 2015, with backers – as usual – having exclusive access to earlier builds of the game ahead of time.


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