Killing Floor 2’s December update adds the Patriarch, two new maps and more

Gare – Wednesday, December 2, 2015 2:07 AM
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So Killing Floor 2, the sequel to 2009’s gory team-based zombie shooter might still be in Early Access, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver the same old undead-stomping extravaganza we fell in love with a good six years ago. And it’s received more and more content over the past few months, including a new level back in May.

Killing Floor 2Platform: PC, PS4Genre: FPSDeveloper: Tripwire InteractivPublisher: Tripwire InteractivRelease: 04/21/2015Well, there’s two more coming in the latest update scheduled to be rolling out as early as December of this year: the wooded area of the Black Forest and the so-called Farmhouse map with a similarly countryside feel to it. Aside from the two new maps, though, we also get a returning boss in the form of the dreaded Patriarch, alongside a new playable character as well as more weapons and a perk. Finally, one of the more notable new features of the update – one that received some flak from certain gamers – is the Trading Floor, an in-game store that allows you to buy items via microtransactions. The full details of what this entails are available on the game’s FAQ section, but developer Tripwire stress that the items added to the in-game shop at launch will be purely cosmetic, and it’s not their intention to give anyone an unfair advantage. In the future, Tripwire say they may include weapons with new gameplay – however, if a player on a given server has purchased a weapon, all his teammates will automatically be able to use it as well on that server. (Source)

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