Killing Floor 2 receives a new map and various updates

Gare – Wednesday, May 27, 2015 8:27 PM
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So if you’re into zombie shooters, you probably know that Killing Floor 2 is already out – in Early Access, sure, but it’s out, providing the same old gory action we fell in love with during the first game’s debut. And while the Early Access version of KF2 contains only a handful of maps and classes, with plans to continuously update and patch new features into the title, it’s still quite a bit of fun. Incidentally, the first of such updates is now here, making a whole new map available – and not just any map, mind you, but the spooky old Volter Manor. Collectible items have also been added to all current maps, there are some new achievements and finally, two new “classic” characters – Briar and Masterson – have been made accessible to all owners of the original Killing Floor.


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