Killing Floor 2 – Insane Zombie Shootout FPS With the Most Advanced Gore System Ever

Gare – Sunday, May 11, 2014 1:27 AM
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What many have been anticipating has finally been officially announced – Killing Floor 2, the sequel to the widely popular online co-op zombie FPS, is in the works and if developer Tripwire’s vision is realized, will be gorier than any other shooter on the market. "Killing Floor is a simple game”, the devs tell us, and most fans will most likely nod in approval at that statement – we buy weapons, we kill monstrosities and… well, that’s about it, truth be told, but I’m hardly saying that as a criticism. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The elaborate gore system that’s been in the spotlight regarding Killing Floor 2 promises a wide variety of different ways for things to die (over 95, or so we’re told), enemies that go through phases of degradation as we destroy more and more of their bodies, and overall 3000 different animations to make everything look as swell as possible. Let’s say a monster gets a shotgun shell to the face: it will eventually expose his skull. Now let’s assume we’re not satisfied and keep on shooting – sooner or later, we’ll see his brains explode in a gory mass. That’s the kind of level of detail Tripwire has in store for us – the team has been working on perfecting the system for these past two years, which is no small thing. We have also learned that the setting will be –or at least partially will be – Paris, and that the entire game will make heavy use of motion capture technology, even the guns. Tripwire also talked about a reworked difficulty system, where –unlike in the first installment – enemies will not only gain extra health and increased toughness on higher difficulty modes, but will try to make our lives a living hell by using entirely new abilities and strategies. Melee combat is getting a makeover as well: now we’ll have access to both heavy and light attacks as well as four-way directional slashes for that extra precision. Finally, the cherry on top of the gore-cake is the modder support: Tripwire is going out of its way to develop Killing Floor 2 in a way that will make life easier for the future modding community.

Nothing has been revealed so far about the game’s release date, so speculation is the best we can do at present. Killing Floor 2 is scheduled to be released exclusively for PC and Linux.

Source: PCGamer


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