John Romero plays through the first episode of Doom

Gare – Sunday, January 25, 2015 6:14 PM
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Devs Play is, simply put, a video series created by 2 Player Productions and Double Fine, featuring a number of experienced game developers sitting down to play this or that classic game while commenting on them. In essence, it’s a bit like a Let’s Play video series with the let’s player in question being someone with a respectable amount of experience in the industry; previous episodes showcased games like the original Legend of Zelda and Lion King, among others.

The recently released fifth episode of the series will no doubt appeal to oldschool FPS fans: Double Fine’s JP LeBreton and id Software legend John Romero sit down for a friendly chat as they trudge through the first episode of the classic first person shooter on its Ultra-Violence difficulty mode. So, if you’re curious about some behind-the-scenes insight about the game, or simply want to see whether or not the father of Doom can make it through his own game without dying, do check out the videos.

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