Ion Maiden becomes Ion Fury, launches for PC on August 15

Gare – Friday, July 12, 2019 4:01 PM
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Ion Maiden, the retro-style first person shooter from Voidpoint and 3D Realms, has changed its name to Ion Fury in order to avoid legal issues with the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. But what’s more important is that the game is finally leaving Early Access and will launch its proper 1.0 version for PC on August 15, with the console versions (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) arriving at a later date. It’s also getting a new physical edition, by the way, with a large box that contains a USB drive with the game and the soundtrack, an A3-size poster, a keycard, a sticker set and a making-of booklet.

Ion Fury is a veritable love letter to the mid-90s first person shooter, delivering an experience similar to classics such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood, just to name a few. Check out the latest trailer below:



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