Investigate a mysterious ship in adventure game Journey Beyond the Edge of the World

Gare – Tuesday, January 30, 2024 7:04 PM
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Solo developer Markus Koepke has announced Journey Beyond the Edge of the World, a surreal first-person adventure game with a retro vibe – and many mysteries to solve. Set in 1953, the game’s storyline begins with a naval expedition: in Northern Germany, a lone fishing ship is about to set sail from the docks of Hamburg in order to explore the unknown. The expedition is led by a mysterious stranger who doesn’t reveal the true purpose of the journey, but sadly, it doesn’t take long for disaster to strike, and for the whole crew to be lost to sea during a raging storm. You, as an unnamed fisherman, is the sole survivor of the ordeal, and it’s your job to explore the abandoned ship and figure out what its true purpose is – advancing the storyline is locked behind puzzles, so you’ll have to look around, tackle obstacles and gradually piece together the truth behind the expedition as each new chapter is told through narrated ambient music.

Here’s a trailer:

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