Indie game Outerverse has been targeted by a crypto scam

Gare – Wednesday, January 26, 2022 2:25 PM
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Developer Tbjbu2’s crafting survival game, Outerverse, has recently found itself the victim of a bizarre scam when a fake website pretending to be associated with the game began using it to promote Outerverse as a title with blockchain technology and NFT integration. As you might imagine, the actual, real Outerverse has no such things implemented. The rather poorly put together website, other than illegally making use of the real Outerverse’s assets, is also advertising a so-called $OUTERVERSE token – which, I doubt we need to emphasize, also has zero relation to the actual game.

The commotion itself began a few days ago, on January 24th, and Outerverse publisher Freedom Games has since mobilized its legal team to look into the matter. They’re also hoping to have the fraudulent site removed. “It was our PR team that discovered the scam Monday morning,” Stride PR told GTOGG when asked for comment. “We informed Freedom to set things in motion through their legal end, and gained their approval to contact press to inform the public and hopefully avoid others from being scammed,” they went on.

Bryan Herren, Director of Marketing at Freedom Games has also sent out a public call to action with the hopes that increasing awareness of the issue can prevent such fraudulent incidents from happening to other indie developers in the future. “Please help spread the word to avoid this scam trying to take advantage of an innocent indie game community and its developer. The real Outerverse is only available on Steam and Epic Games Store and has no ties to the blockchain whatsoever,” he concluded.

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