Indie action-adventure RPG Dreamed Away kicks off Kickstarter campaign in early February

Gare – Tuesday, January 30, 2024 6:11 PM
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Developer Nicolas Petton and publisher Pineapple Work have announced their intention to launch a Kickstarter campaign on February 1 in order to support the development costs of Dreamed Away, a pixel art indie RPG. Inspired by titles like Earthbound and Omori, Dreamed Away’s story will take players to France in the 1990s – it stars a boy called Théo, who finds that his parents and sister Louise have all mysteriously vanished, so he sets out on a journey (while haunted by supernatural creatures) to try and find them. Aside from its mystery-laden plot with psychological horror elements, the game will also offer fast-paced combat comprised of mini-games that, interestingly enough, combine turn-based strategy with bullet dodging and quick time events.

Dreamed Away will be available on PC, Switch and Xbox One/Series in Q1 2025.

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