Horror/thriller The Beast Inside works with two protagonists, looks pretty creepy

Gare – Tuesday, March 20, 2018 1:43 PM
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The Beast Inside, currently in the middle of an already quite successful Kickstarter campaign, aims to tell a story from the perspective of two protagonists – what’s more, they’re an entire century apart. Adam, a cryptanalyst working for the CIA during the Cold War, moves to the countryside with his wife and ends up stumbling upon an old diary in his attic that once belong to a man called Nicolas, the former inhabitant of Adam’s new home. The problem is, opening this diary somehow unleashes the horrors of the past upon the present, and so, Adam is forced to solve the mystery of Nicolas, a man who lived in the 19th century during the Civil War. In The Beast Inside, you’ll be playing as both Adam and the mysterious Nicolas in an attempt to wrap up an unsolved murder mystery while tackling puzzles and fighting off various horrific entities.

The project, due out in early 2019, is currently still running an active Kickstarter campaign at the time of writing, although it’s already met its initial goal of over 45,000 USD; additionally, backers gain immediate access to a playable demo.


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