Hitman: Absolution – 47 is back

Tormentor – Wednesday, November 14, 2012 8:38 AM
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Betrayed by those he trusted most, and hunted by the police, Agent 47 must find his way out of the dark conspiracy he pulled into. Looking for answers, as he gets deeper in a world of corruption it becomes clear that he became a primary assignment of all operatives of ICA. The hunter becomes the hunted.

The story takes place in the United States, Chicago.


There are several changes and additions to the gameplay in comparison of previous Hitman games.


  • close-quarter attacks can be done in different ways either with firearms or objects within the mission
  • 47 can now use his exceptional hand to hand combat training to his advantage during gameplay against other NPCs. By pressing a button sequence 47 can carry out close knock-out moves taking out armed guards with his bare hands
  • 47 can pretend to surrender thus deceiving opponents. Then he can grab the approaching guard, disarming and using him as a human shield

Hiding and blending in

  • 47 can now hide in shadows
  • 47 can take cover and peek around corners or hang on to ledges. He can even grab targets over the low covers pulling them over the ledge or out of the window
  • 47 can now interact with his environment to hide at a safe spot, acting along with his actual disguise, like eating a doughnut as a cop or reading a menu in a food stand – or even hanging on a wooden cross like an actual scarecrow.
  • Wearing disguises doesn’t guarantee to conceal 47’s identity in close encounters but he can briefly conceal his face with his hand when walking past suspicious NPCs


  • Due to AI improvements NPCs can react to violence and will also alert guards


  • car alarms now can be triggered by hitting or shooting the car. The cars can also be blown to the air to create a distraction
  • There are some items that make noise and can be dopped somewhere to create distractions, such as radios and toy robots

Breaking and Entering

  • biometric locks can be unlocked by knocking out or killing certain NPCs and dragging them to the scanner

Contracts mode

Contracts mode allows us to play through any level of the game and select up to three NPCs in it to mark as targets and also to establish a set of conditions for the Contract, such as hiding all bodies, not being spotted, not changing the starting suit/disguise, only using specific weapons, etc. We are allowed to pick any suit and starting gear to use in the mission. For completing Contracts, in-game currency can be earned which can be spent on disguises, suits, weapons and weapon upgrades.

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