Hitman 2’s latest sandbox location is the idyllic Haven Island

Gare – Thursday, September 19, 2019 4:19 PM
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Hitman 2 (2018)Platform: PC, PS4, XBox OneGenre: StealthDeveloper: IO InteractivePublisher: Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 11/13/2018Rated: 18+PEGIGood news, Hitman fans: there’s a new sandbox location coming very soon to Hitman 2 for all players who own the Expansion Pass or the Gold Edition. In a new mission called The Last Resort, we’ll follow Agent 47 as he travels to the tropical resort of Haven Island while disguised as another guest – the location, which will be unlocked on September 24 and takes place after the semi-recent bank mission, promises plenty of new items, disguises and assassination methods unique to the island. September 24 will also see the release of two additional Special Assignments, titled A Silver Tongue and A Bitter Pill, and on September 27, players will be able to tackle a Legacy Elusive Target: Etta Davis, the so-called Angel of Death.

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