Hideo Kojima shares more details on Death Stranding

Gare – Monday, June 20, 2016 10:37 AM
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Arguably one of the most memorable moments of E3 2016 (this year’s “FF7 remake moment”, if you will) was the reveal of Hideo Kojima’s much-anticipated new project, Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus. In case you missed it for some reason, do absolutely watch the mesmerizing trailer here. Recently, Kojima Productions published a series of nine tweets on their official Twitter account, sharing tidbits of new information regarding the project, including the fact that it will deal with the evolution of mankind, and that it aims to be something completely new – as in, a new genre of sorts. The bad – though hardly unexpected – piece of news is that the game is still very far from finished, so you probably shouldn’t expect to play it for quite a while.

Part 1 of 9. Starting off...
Part 2 of 9.
Hideo on some of the support we've been getting this far.
Part 3 of 9.
Two and a half months.
Part 4 of 9.
Some of the new concepts for the game.
Part 5 of 9.
5 of 9. On what should and shouldn't be different.
Part 6 of 9.
On Kobo Abe, one of Hideo's favorite authors.
Part 7 of 9.
On sticks and ropes.
Part 8 of 9.
how Kobo Abe's sticks and ropes are keywords.
Part 9 of 9.
When asked about what genre is the game.

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