Heaven Dust, a survival horror game inspired by the classics, will be out later this month

Gare – Monday, February 10, 2020 3:43 PM
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A creepy mansion, an experiment gone wrong, and hordes of insatiable zombies – if all that sounds more than a little familiar, you’ll be happy to hear that Heaven Dust, a game very much inspired by 90s survival horror classics like Resident Evil, will be launching later this month on February 27. The game, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam, has the player explore a large mansion filled not just with brain-hungry monstrosities, but intricate puzzles and deadly traps as well. It’ll be available for $7.99 and in four different languages at launch (English, German, Russian, Chinese); what’s more, a 15% discount will also be offered to those who purchase the game during the first week.

There’s also a playable demo available, which can be downloaded from itch.io.

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