Hardcore 2D platformer Death’s Gambit out now

Gare – Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:15 PM
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Developer White Rabbit has launched its 2D action platformer Death’s Gambit, promising massive bosses and massive challenges for players to overcome. And look, I know it’s the height of cliché to use the term “2D Dark Souls”, but… this does seem an awful lot like a 2D Dark Souls-esque experience. In any case, Death’s Gambit’s gloomy world looks mighty atmospheric, and the ability to freely explore its non-linear world could very well scratch that Metriodvania itch you might have. What’s more, if you find that the bosses the game throws at you aren’t quite challenging enough, there’s an additional “heroic mode” that lets you fight already defeated bosses at an even higher difficulty. Provided that’s something you want.

Death’s Gambit is out now on PC (Steam, GOG) and PS4.


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