Grim and moody third-person horror adventure game Of Love and Eternity gets a new demo

Gare – Friday, January 12, 2024 3:23 PM
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Developer Acorn Bringer has announced that it’s reviving its unique and atmospheric horror game, Of Love and Eternity. What’s more, a completely new demo is also available to download via Steam and, if you’d like to get a brief taste of the project’s atmosphere. For those not familiar with the basic premise of the plot, Of Love and Eternity begins in a rather grim fashion: with your death, and the death of your beloved. However, your soul refuses to move on, and you find yourself coming back to life as an undead knight as you embark on a quest in a haunting, purgatory-like world to find the soul of the woman you love. As for the demo, there’s admittedly still not a whole lot of gameplay to it, as you’ll be spending most of it wandering through a dark forest, but it certainly made me want to learn more, and served as the perfect appetizer. And the visuals are absolutely stunning, so I’d say it’s worth playing just for that. Here’s a new trailer:

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