Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor First Wonder is canceled

Gare – Monday, February 22, 2016 8:30 PM
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Back in September of last year, we reported on a Kickstater campaign for First Wonder, a third-person action game with jetpacks and monsters that hoped to be the spiritual successor to obscure 2000 classic Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The fundraising campaign, unfortunately, ended up being quite short-lived: just a month later, in October of 2015, developer Rogue Rocket Games decided to cancel it after failing to garner enough money and interest. In a recent email sent to backers, the team explains that they have tried to find another way to make the game happen, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. They’re also offering full refunds to backers, or a Steam key to the Free Wonder demo, alongside a free copy of Gunpowder, a previous release of the company.

The full contents of the email detailing the decision can be read here.

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