Get away from the big city and enjoy the quiet life in farming sim Starsand Island

Gare – Thursday, May 9, 2024 3:50 PM
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Developer Creativision Studio has revealed Starsand Island, a relaxing farming sim that will hopefully let you forget all your everyday worries. Inspired by the unique style and atmosphere of Studio Ghibli films, Starsand Island will invite you not just to live out your countryside fantasy, but also to design your own home, look after crops or animals and even befriend the locals, all of whom have their own stories for the player to uncover. I’m not going to lie, the project does seem really comfy, and looks like the kind of game you could just sink yourself into during a lazy afternoon, so needless to say, we’ll be keeping our eyes on it. There’s just one downside, though: Starsand Island is scheduled to launch in Q4 2025, which is still disappointingly far away. In the meantime, though, here’s a trailer:

Starsand Island is in development for PC.

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