Games in the cloud: Sony announces PlayStation Now

Gare – Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:00 AM
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This year’s Consumer Electronic Show saw the announcement of Sony’s Playstation Now service, which – if everything goes according to plan – will allow users to stream a wide variety of PS3 titles on their PS4, PS Vita and PS3 systems. Even before the release of the PS4, mentions were made of a Gaikai-centric streaming service on the system allowing for backward compatibility, although certain details were still not ascertained. To put it simply, Playstation Now’s primary goal as a service will be to allow access to users’ favorite last-generation titles even as they embrace the current generation of consoles.

Sony plans to start the service this summer, albeit this initial launch will only affect the United States for the time being. Aside from PS4 and Vita systems, Playstation Now will also allow its users to stream last-generation titles on certain US models of BRAVIA TVs – in addition, the scope of the service is expected to expand in the future, allowing streamed games to be brought to a variety of internet-connected devices including smartphones and tablets. The service will also include constant access to users’ games via Gaikai’s cloud service, regardless of which device we decide to log in from. Access to games will be granted either through a paid subscription or rentals; furthermore, Sony also confirmed both online multiplayer and the trophy system for PS Now, as well as potential plans for PS1 and PS2 support.

At present, the service is only scheduled to launch in the US this summer – when asked about the possible release date of Now in European countries, Sony could not yet give a definite answer.

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