Game Over, T1D – Humble is hosting a charity bundle to fight type 1 diabetes

Gare – Thursday, May 5, 2022 8:06 PM
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Humble Bundle has just launched “Game Over, T1D”, a bundle of twelve games aiming to help the fight against type 1 diabetes. Available until May 18, the bundle is the result of a collaboration between JDRF, a leading organization in terms of funding T1D research, as well as various game creators with a personal connection to the disease. However, it’s not just the people behind these games that have a connection with T1D – some of the games themselves feature themes and characters related to the illness, such as Super Meat Boy with its enemy called the Betus, or We Happy Few, which features a character whose diabetes is directly featured as a gameplay element.

Head on over to the bundle page to see exactly which titles are included, all of which you can get by donating a minimum of $12/€11.08. A percentage of sales will support JDRF. Here’s a video that briefly highlights the twelve games included in the bundle:

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