Galactic Princess – a pixelated art style adventure through deep space

Gare – Saturday, December 7, 2013 2:57 PM
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There is a certain something in carefully designed pixel-games that ends up grabbing our attention every single time – surely it can’t just be nostalgia, for many of these titles use a modernized retro style that does not necessarily mimic classics down to the last letter, but instead adds its own twist to it. One influencing factor could be the vast array of modern games that we, as modern gamers, are exposed to, all shipping with the most jaw-dropping effects and highest polygon counts –as such, one cannot help but take notice of a game that attempts something quite exciting while dressing it in the visuals of the ancients. This is more or less what happened Galactic Princess, a game which will no doubt make many a space cowboy look up with excited eyes.

Although the game’s first trailer (let us just call it a quick teaser, instead, for that is really all it boils down to) unfortunately leaves much to be desired, the vision of Galactic Princess becomes ever so slightly clearer as we skim through its official website. We’ll have a crew to call our own, on a spaceship of our own making – indeed, our star-faring chariot will be open for free customization, allowing players to design its rooms, their shape, engine placements and many more. We’ll need the best ship and gear to ensure our survival, and to achieve that goal, we can steal, trade and smuggle our way through the galaxy – in other words, the free life of space brigands awaits those who desire it. What we also know is that the game will feature a decent array of non-player character to encounter during the adventure: space nomads, cyborgs and a variety of alien races to join our crew either as allies or slaves (because yes, that will also be possible).

Let’s be honest, this all sounds very exciting indeed – it is almost as if we were dealing with a more pixelated twin of Star Citizen –, albeit the sole bad news is the fact that there is no release date to talk of, really. No doubt we will be able to gather further bits and pieces of information about Galactic Princess as the weeks and months progress – in the meantime, we will continue to wait patiently for its eventual arrival.

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