Frostpunk to receive new scenario, extra game modes and more

Gare – Monday, June 4, 2018 2:29 PM
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Frostpunk Roadmap

FrostpunkPlatform: PCGenre: RTSDeveloper: 11 bit studiosPublisher: 11 bit studiosRelease: 04/24/2018There’s more Frostpunk to come – your journey of survival through the frozen wasteland is far from over, and developer 11 bit studios wants to make sure you’ll keep playing it for the rest of 2018 and beyond. In the development road map shared by the company, it became evident that Frostpunk will be receiving several new content updates in the following months – what’s more, it’ll all be available for free. Among the planned updates are a Survival Mode for increased difficulty, the ability to customize people and automatons, an Endurance Mode for endless play, a new screenshot tool, and last but not least, a new storyline scenario titled The Builders. And this is only what 11 bit studios has lined up for 2018 – according to the team, 2019 will have its own share of surprises as well.

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