Former Elder Scrolls developers are working on a new open-world fantasy RPG

Gare – Wednesday, September 25, 2019 7:19 PM
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Game industry veterans who’ve previously worked on some of the earlier Elder Scrolls titles have founded the independent studio OnceLost Games, and are currently hard at work on their first project, an ambitious open-world fantasy RPG. Founders of OnceLost include legendary industry figures such as Julian LeFay, sometimes referred to as “The Father of The Elder Scrolls” for his contributions on games such as Arena, Daggerfall and Battlespire, Ted Peterson, a designer and writer who’s worked on several past Elder Scrolls titles, and Vijay Lakshman, whose resume includes games such as Spyro the Dragon, Lord of the Rings Online and The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Not much is known about the company’s upcoming RPG project as of yet, but OnceLost assures us it’ll have an announcement ready by the end of the year.


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