Flashy sci-fi action roguelite IKARO Will Not Die announced

Gare – Thursday, October 26, 2023 3:31 PM
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Developer FuturLab and publisher Thunderful have revealed their upcoming action roguelite IKARO Will Not Die. A spiritual successor to the Velocity series that’s currently in development for PC and Xbox, the game will whisk players away to a neon-lit, futuristic sci-fi landscape as they perform gravity-defying stunts while avoiding projectiles, beating up baddies and using their momentum to their advantage to claim victory in style. Fast-paced, momentum-based stunts, various abilities to utilize and a cool sci-fi setting? That does sound pretty intriguing, if you ask me, but I’m sure you want to see it for yourself – luckily, we do have a new trailer to check out, and you can have a look at it below:

As noted above, IKARO Will Not Die is in development for PC and Xbox, albeit it doesn’t currently have a set release date.

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