First-person survival horror game Into the Abyss set to launch this summer

Gare – Friday, June 24, 2022 3:47 PM
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If you’re in the mood for some scares this summer and simply can’t wait until the Halloween season, you’re in luck: Into the Abyss, a first-person survival horror game from indie dev Hellbrewed Productions, will be launching on July 22. Starring a man searching for his missing sister, Into the Abyss will have you explore the mysterious woods and mountains of Overhall County – a region not without its fair share of dangers. Staying true to its survival horror moniker, the project features a protagonist who’s anything but a seasoned fighter: as such, running and hiding will likely be your best bet if you want to make it through the night. The project also currently has a playable demo available for those who’d like to give it a shot before its July release. For everyone else, here’s a trailer:

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