First-person horror game The 9th Charnel gets a publisher and a new trailer

Gare – Thursday, March 14, 2024 4:02 PM
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Solo developer Saikat Deb has officially partnered with SOEDESCO to publish his upcoming psychological horror game, The 9th Charnel. The game, which hopes to combine intense survival and otherworldly thrills with an engaging storyline, will put players in the role of a genetic scientist called Michael J. Jones, whose research takes an unfortunate turn, and leaves him – and his colleagues – stranded in a mysterious valley. As you explore and look for your friends, however, it soon becomes apparent that the valley holds its fair share of ancient, evil secrets... The 9th Charnel promises an action-survival experience with stealth elements and a variety of puzzles to solve – however, it also places a heavy emphasis on its storyline and characters, which all come with fleshed-out backstories and motivations. Here’s a new trailer to give you a glimpse of what to expect:

The 9th Charnel will be launching on PC.

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