First-person horror game Dark Atlas: Infernum gets a playable demo

Gare – Friday, October 20, 2023 12:11 AM
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Developer Night Council Studio and publisher Selecta Play have launched a playable demo for Dark Atlas: Infernum, a first-person psychological horror game. Set in the so-called Saga Radiata, a literary universe created by Álvaro Aparicio, the game will follow a former occult grandmaster called Natalia Asensio, who must seek answers in a world gone mad. According to the basic premise of the plot, mysterious, ghost-like apparitions called “imprints” have begun appearing all over the world as electrical storms ravage the globe – as Natalia, you must then embark on a dangerous journey while resisting the influence of a mysterious entity called The Word, and find your way out of your maze-prison before other occult powers reforge a powerful grimoire called the Corona Radiata in order to acquire ultimate power. I’ll be honest: that sounds like quite the to-do list.

The demo of Dark Atlas: Infernum is available to download via Steam, and includes the full first chapter of the game.

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