First-person horror adventure game Charon’s Staircase gets a new teaser trailer

Gare – Monday, May 16, 2022 2:44 PM
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Publisher SOEDESCO has revealed a brand-new teaser trailer for Charon’s Staircase, an upcoming horror mystery game with a dark, unsettling atmosphere inspired by 1970s Europe. Taking on the role of an agent codenamed “Desmond”, players will have to venture into the so-called Oack Grove estate in order to investigate the past of an authoritarian regime called The Ministry – however, the visit ends up bringing you face to face with some uncomfortable, horrific truths just waiting to be uncovered. What those truth will be remain to be seen, although the new teaser trailer implies it won’t be anything pleasant – so watch it below to get a taste of the title’s haunting atmosphere:

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