First look at Broken Age Act 2 with 12 minutes of gameplay on PS4

Gare – Tuesday, March 24, 2015 10:54 PM
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First off, what we must absolutely point out is that the footage below contains spoilers for Broken Age, so if you’d prefer to play the game yourself, you might not want to watch it. Anyway, let’s move on. As it was previously announced, both acts of Broken Age – Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter-funded point and click adventure – will be making their way to PS4 and PS Vita at the same time as the PC launch of Act 2 – this much we’ve known. So how about some brand new gameplay footage from the Playstation 4 version? 12 minutes of it, even, by courtesy of IGN.

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UPDATE: We have since learned that Act 2 of Broken Age will be released on April 28 (29 in Europe) for PC, PS4 as well as PS Vita.

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