Firaxis announce XCOM 2

Gare – Tuesday, June 2, 2015 7:26 PM
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Firaxis, developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the 2012 successor to 1994’s beloved sci-fi strategy game, is now getting a sequel. Simply titled XCOM 2, the sequel takes place 20 years after humanity lost a desperate war against alien invaders – the extraterrestrial conquerors have since established their own rule on the planet, with only a handful of rebels to stand in their way. This puts you in an awkward situation, since this time, you – as the humans – are the “invaders”, so to speak, trying to topple your alien overlords. The game is set to include procedurally-generated maps, updated classes, new enemy types and all sorts of goodies you might expect from a sequel of this caliber – oh, and there’s also a trailer. It features scary cobra-people: you have been warned.

The game is currently scheduled to be released this November for PC, with Mac and Linux versions also planned.


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