Fantasy action-roguelike The Awakener: Forgotten Oath to launch on October 18

Gare – Friday, September 22, 2023 6:02 PM
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Developer TANER GAMES and publisher Gamera Games have revealed an October 18 launch date for their upcoming fantasy action-roguelike, The Awakener: Forgotten Oath. In it, players take on the role of a warrior summoned to a ruined world by the Twelve Gods of Therad, and must fight against the slaves of Chaos and prevent a powerful Demon Lord from coming back to life. You’ll engage in fast-paced, flashy third-person battles as you make your way across the lands, recruiting new characters and discovering long-lost weapons of past heroes to bolster your own arsenal. However, the game is still very much a roguelike: you may reincarnate upon death, but this also means losing all the loot you’ve collected. So, you know. Watch your step out there.

There’s also currently a limited time demo available, which can be downloaded via Steam. Also, here’s a trailer:

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