Fan project “Alchemilla” recreates Silent Hill in the Source engine

Gare – Thursday, January 22, 2015 2:25 AM
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Plenty of gamers that experienced some of the earlier Silent Hill games no doubt remember the Alchemilla Hospital as one of the more terrifying locations in the series. Russian fans were most likely thinking along the same lines when they made Alchemilla, a mod built upon Valve’s Source engine in order to recreate the haunting atmosphere of the well-known horror franchise.

The mod itself features no inventory system, weapons or monsters (primarily due to technical difficulties), and seems to focus solely on atmosphere, puzzle-solving and storytelling. Furthermore, the creators state that the game itself is not a remake of any specific entry in the Silent Hill series, but is its own story with its own mysteries. The mod is currently available for Windows, with Mac and Linux versions soon to follow.

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