Explore the Scottish Highlands as a border collie in narrative adventure game Farewell North

Gare – Tuesday, March 26, 2024 3:21 PM
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Farewell NorthPlatform: Windows, macOSGenre: AdventureDeveloper: Kyle BanksPublisher: Mooneye StudiosRelease: 08/15/2024Developer Kyle Banks, along with publisher Mooneye Studios, has announced an August 15 launch date for Farewell North, an emotional narrative adventure game starring a border collie named Chesley. Farewell North is additionally described as an open world exploration game where players will venture across the majestic Scottish Highlands as the aforementioned Chesley, exploring differently-themed islands while solving a variety of light puzzles. That’s hardly all there is to the project, however: narrative-wise, it will also deal with themes of mental health, loss and depression, with the adorable Chesley trying to bring some color back into his owner’s life so she can finally begin to heal.

Watch the release date announcement trailer below:

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