Explore a suboceanic facility in Hidden Deep, a sci-fi thriller inspired by Alien and The Thing

Gare – Wednesday, January 27, 2021 10:05 PM
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Developer Cogwheel Software and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have announced Hidden Deep, a dark sci-fi thriller inspired the movies such as Alien and The Thing. In Hidden Deep, you’re tasked with traveling to a mysterious research facility located deep below the ocean floor in order to figure out what happened to its crew once communications had broken down. Considering the project’s inspirations, though, we already have a guess or two…

Using a mission-based structure, the game will feature 50 story-driven stages (as well as a randomized challenge mode) where you’ll have to commandeer your squad across deadly levels teeming with even deadlier aliens – survival isn’t guaranteed, but hey, it’s worth a try… right? Hidden Deep will be launching on PC sometime later this year, with a demo also expected to become available for the duration of the upcoming Steam Game Festival (February 3-9).


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