Explore a hostile planet in Return, an atmospheric sci-fi “soulslite”

Gare – Thursday, January 6, 2022 1:22 PM
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What is a resourceful protagonist to do when their home planet is in ruins, natural resources are running dry, and savage wars devastate what remains of civilization? Take off and seek a new home elsewhere. A smart move, admittedly… except things go wrong. Very wrong. Your ship, which was supposed to take you off this rock, ends up returning home after encountering an error. So now, years later, you awaken from cryo-sleep and discover that your world has changed, and not for the better. Return’s universe is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and with no one around to help, it’s up to you to repair your ship and get away – for real this time.

The game currently has a short demo available via Itch.io if you’d like to dive into a brief snippet of the adventure; it’s also on Steam, for those wanting to put it on their wishlist. Return doesn’t currently have a release date, though – it’ll be out “when it’s ready”, to quote the project’s Steam page.

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