Eve Online FPS Project Nova is in the works

Gare – Friday, April 22, 2016 2:46 PM
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The popular sci-fi MMO Eve Online is getting a free-to-play FPS game set in the same universe, currently under the title Project Nova, to be released on PC. This isn’t the first time we hear about something like this, though: in fact, the PS3-exclsuive Dust 514 – scheduled to be shut down on May 30 – was already one such attempt. With Project Nova, the team aims to focus on creating environments that really do establish it as part of the EVE universe, so you can expect to be aboard spaceships and various planets from the games. During 2016’s EVE Fanfest, developer CCP has shown off some of the game in action, a snippet of which you can see below.

No release date is known at present.

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