Episodic horror game Song of Horror promises chills and thrills this Halloween

Gare – Wednesday, October 2, 2019 1:12 PM
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Song of Horror, a horror game releasing in five episodes over the course of several months, will begin its thrill-filled journey this Halloween with episodes 1 and 2, developer Protocol Games and publisher Raiser Games announced. Each individual episode will take place in a separate location (a haunted mansion, an abandoned abbey, a mental institution, etc.) and features thirteen playable characters hunted by a mysterious entity called The Presence – oh, and there’s permadeath as well, just to make things more interesting. Following the release of the first two episodes (“Husher Mansion” and “Eerily Quiet”) this October, Song of Horror will have three more on the way: “A Twisted Trail” is set to arrive in December, “The Last Concert” is due out in January, and finally, “The Horror and The Song” will wrap things up in March of 2020.



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